The EAMS foundation


The European Airway Management Society (EAMS) is a non-profit pan-European Society founded in June 2003 during the congress of the European Society of Anesthesiology in Glasgow. The founding members of EAMS were: Ulrich Braun (Germany), John Henderson (UK), Adrian Pearce (UK), Peter Biro (Switzerland), Flavia Petrini (Italy), Veronique Crinquette (France) and Gregorios Voyagis (Greece). The first EAMS Board of Directors consisted of Ulrich Braun (president), John Henderson (secretary), Peter Biro (treasurer) and Adrian Pearce (webmaster).

EAMS is a multidisciplinary society created to provide a forum for health professionals interested in airway management, collaborating with other national and international scientific societies to promote an exchange of information, to encourage education, research and scientific progress - in sum, to raise the standards of airway management!

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To save lives through promotion of evidence-informed airway management in health care.


To search, promote and disseminate the best evidence-informed airway management. 

To achieve that EAMS will:

  • Lead effective teaching and training of airway management at airway specific events and during daily clinical practice to increase patient safety in airway management; 
  • Teach clinicians in teaching airway management in EMAS created Teach-the-AirwayTeacher (TAT) courses. 
  • Organize scientific meetings specifically dedicated to airway management throughout Europe and elsewhere to facilitate knowledge dissemination and to share trusted evidence informed airway management practices. 
  • Publish airway management related research, reviews and evidence-informed statements to help translate evidence-informed knowledge into clinical practice. 
  • Coordinate monitoring and reporting of airway related incidents and disseminate the acquired knowledge between health-care workers who are involved in airway management; use this database to inform further research and airway management strategies. 
  • Promote improvements in safety and quality of airway management by collaborating, facilitating and harmonizing the activities of national airway management societies. 


Scientific approach to the airway management based on critically appraised evidence.

Collaboration with all colleagues engaged in airway management promoting inspiration, respect and mutual acceptance to foster supportive and productive relations between the members of the society and all interested in airway management independent of their culture, medical discipline and profession.

Leadership in airway management to set, promote and apply standards for evidenceinformed airway management practice for all individuals, health care institutions, national and international organizations. 

Scientific integrity in research or any other scientific endeavour, including declaring and managing conflict of interest (EAMS members to declare be-annually). 

Transparency and openness in all recommendations, actions and business of the society.

EAMS Awards, Honorary Members and Fellows

During the EAC and WAMM congresses, EAMS appoints the Macewen Kirstein Awards recipients, new Honorary Members and Fellows. The society wholeheartedly honors these persons for their contribution to airway management and for making EAMS a dynamic front-line society!
Macewen Kirstein Medal Award

In 2007 EAMS created a medal as recognition for outstanding achievements in airway management, named after William Macewen and Alfred Kirstein - two exceptional pioneers in airway management. William Macewen and Alfred Kirstein laid the foundation for the technique of tracheal intubation under direct vision of the laryngeal inlet.

EAMS selected these two outstanding physicians and scientists to give inspiration for future discoveries and achievements in airway management, to be honored with the Macewen/Kirstein medal.

One side of the Macewen/Kirstein medal. The other side of the Macewen/Kirstein medal.
Given the Macewen Kirstein Award and honorary members
  • Archie Brain (UK) 2007
  • Giulio Frova (Italy) 2013
  • John Henderson (UK) 2013
  • Ulrich Braun (Germany) 2013
  • Flavia Petrini (Italy) 2017
  • Volker Döerges (Germany) 2017
Honorary Members

EAMS awards with the “Honorary Membership of the European Airway Management Society” the airway enthusiasts for their professional career, outstanding commitment, leadership, or contributions to science, education and/or implementation of airway management.

Past Presidents (Honorary Members by bylaws)
  • John Henderson (UK)
  • Ulrich Braun (Germany)
  • Pierre Diemunsch (France)
  • Flavia Petrini (Italy)
  • Kamil Toker (Turkey)
  • Robert Greif (Austria)
  • Michael Seltz Kristensen (Denmark)
Honorary Members 2018:
  • Carin Hagberg (USA)
  • Anil Patel (UK)
  • Ana Lopez (Spain)
  • Vicente Martinez Pons (Spain)
  • Dusanka Janjevic (Serbia)
Honorary Members 2019:
  • Richard Cooper (Canada)
  • Dietmar Enk (Germany)
Honorary Members 2022:
  • Tim Cook (UK)
  • Sheila Myatra (India)
Honorary Members 2023:
  • Luís Gaitini (Israel)
  • Ellen O’Sullivan (Ireland)
  • Andrew Higgs (UK)
EAMS Honorary Member Award.jpg
EAMS Fellows (FEAMS)

In 2018 the EAMS Board of Directors decided to establish the EAMS Fellowship (FEAMS) to reward EAMS members who are committed to both the Society and to airway management, delivering exceptional work. EAMS wants this Fellowship to reward sustained leadership and contribution to airway management through practice, research, education and patient care by these airway enthusiasts, helping fellows to gain deserved international recognition.

EAMS provides a FEAMS diploma to airway experts and the title remains valid as long as their EAMS membership continues.

Criteria to nominate a possible fellow candidate are: being an EAMS member for at least 3 years; the candidate demonstrates ongoing leadership, excellence in the field of airway management, distinction in clinical, educational, investigational, organizational and/or professional activities for EAMS and airway management; open and full declaration of Conflicts of Interest (COI). Privileges are international recognition, the title “FEAMS” may be added after the Fellow's name and a reduced membership rate and annual conference rate.

EAMS Fellows 2018
  • Pedro Charco Mora (Spain)
  • Iljaz Hodovic (UK/Serbia)
  • Rüdiger Noppens (Germany)
  • Hans Huitnik (The Netherlands)
  • Kamil Toker (Turkey)
  • Thomas Heidegger  (Switzerland)
  • Bilgin Hülya (Turkey)
  • Massimiliano Sorbello (Italy)
  • Paul Baker (New Zealand)
  • Ellen O'Sullivan (Ireland)
EAMS Fellows 2019
  • Arnd Timmermann (Germany)
  • Lorenz Theiler (Switzerland)
  • Tolga Saracoglu (Turkey)
  • Michael Seltz Kristensen (Denmark)
  • Robert Greif (Austria)
  • Zoltan Zusc (Hungary)
  • Xavier Onrubia (Spain)
  • Pavel Michalek (Czech Republic)
  • Ayten Saracoglu (Turkey)
  • Maren Kleine-Brueggeney (Germany)
EAMS Fellows 2022
  • Gerardo Cortese (Italy)
  • Ricardo Urtubia (Chile)
  • Ana Isabel Pereira (Portugal)
  • Mary Mushambi (UK)
  • Ross Hofmeyr (South Africa)
EAMS Fellows 2023
  • Gustavo García Fornari (Argentina)
  • Stefano Falcetta (Italy)
  • Özgür Canbay (Turkey)
  • Martin Petzoldt (Germany)
  • Tomasz Gaszyński (Poland)