Endorsement application

EAMS endorsement to a Research Project or an Event will be granted if the requirements are met. The submission itself does not represent an endorsement.
Complete the online form below and attach all the documents required in English. EAMS will only review finalized submissions. Endorsement requests will only be considered if submitted at least 8 weeks before its start. If the request is received later than this time frame, we cannot guarantee that your request will be fulfilled.
Fee for Event endorsement per civil year:
  • Single application €50
  • 2 event application 100€
  • 3 event application 125€
  • 4+ event application 140€
[Regardeless the payment of more than 1 event endorsement fee, it is mandatory to submit a new endorsement request online form. EAMS is entitled not to grant endorsement in case the event does not fulfill the mandatory requirements]
Request EAMS endorsement for
Research Project
Beware of some events that are falsely advertise has having the EAMS endorsement - in doubt ask for the EAMS’ Endorsement Letter and check if they are listed in the EAMS website
  • Opportunity to publish 200/300 word event review in the Trends in Anaesthesia and Critical Care (TACC) journal
  • Opportunity to post after-event summary on the EAMS website (speakers, attendance, event feedback, highlights …), which will act as acknowledgement of the event’s importance and relevance. Furthermore, posting the event on EAMS website is an advert for future events.
  • Opportunity for the organisers to be invited faculty at the EAMS annual congress (conditioned by the success of the course as reflected by participants feedback).
Payment details of application fee will be sent after EAMS endorsement approval
For further information and material (eg EAMS logo) please contact EAMS Technical Secretary [email protected]