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Dear colleagues and airway enthusiast 
The European Airway Management Society is introducing a new feature – Article of the Month. 
This is designed to provide an opportunity to our members to highlight and share airway related topics and to open discussion forums in order to share clinical experience for the benefit of all EAMS members. 
The Article of the Month will be made available via the EAMS website and is going to be accompanied by a short text (up to 200 words) explaining why is this article being selected. 
EAMS members with login to will have access to the articles as full-text PDF's.
We would like to encourage our members to propose articles of the month. The short text accompanying the article will also be made available on line with full acknowledgement of the author who proposed the article. 
The final decision to go on-line will be taken by the EAMS Board of Directors. 

Best regards 
R. Tino Greif 
President of the European Airway Management Society


Dear EAMS members,

This month’s article is from Lorenz Theiler, you will actually find 2 articles attached.

Both articles should be enlightening as they reflect this year’s European Airway Congress: From the past to the future of airway management

The first article is the classic paper by Cormack and Lehane. When you read the 1984 article carefully, you will realize that, yes, the authors do mention the four grades of the best view obtained in direct laryngoscopy. But in its core, the article is about teaching airway management. Because difficulties in airway management are rarely encountered, we have to make up for it by actively teaching it all the time. Cormack and Lehane are doing a great job in transferring this message.

The second article is another classic. Magill’s paper about airway management, dated 1930. When I read his thoughts, I was not surprised how much has changed in the last ninety years, but instead I was awed by the fact that much stayed the same. I realized many believes we have about airway management are in fact just that: believes. They come from another time, driven by circumstances very different from today. It might be worth thinking about this, and constantly keep reflecting whether our actions are still adequate. 


Magill 1930 Techniques in Anaesthesia

Cormack Lehane 1984 Difficult tracheal intubation in obstetrics

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