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Dear colleagues and airway enthusiast 
The European Airway Management Society is introducing a new feature – Article of the Month. 
This is designed to provide an opportunity to our members to highlight and share airway related topics and to open discussion forums in order to share clinical experience for the benefit of all EAMS members. 
The Article of the Month will be made available via the EAMS website and is going to be accompanied by a short text (up to 200 words) explaining why is this article being selected. 
EAMS members with login to will have access to the articles as full-text PDF's.
We would like to encourage our members to propose articles of the month. The short text accompanying the article will also be made available on line with full acknowledgement of the author who proposed the article. 
The final decision to go on-line will be taken by the EAMS Board of Directors. 

Best regards 
R. Tino Greif 
President of the European Airway Management Society


Dear EAMS members and  airway enthusiasts,

We are still fighting this pandemic  COVID-19 and  the last year has shown us the  importance of obesity as an independent risk factor for the severity of COVID-19.

The articles of this month focus on implications for mechanisms,  comorbidities,  prognosis and some key points to optimise airway management and ventilation for obese patients  in such challenging times! 

Recent studies have shown that obesity is associated with the severity of coronavirus disease. Hospitalization, intensive care unit admission, mechanical ventilation, and even mortality in obese patients were higher than normal-weight patients. Obesity could alter the direction of severe COVID-19 symptoms to younger individuals. (articles 1&2)

Some key points to optimize airway management, noninvasive  and invasive mechanical ventilation in ICU patients with obesity are suggested in articles 3 & 4.

Enjoy the reading and keep safe!

Kind regards,

Daniela Godoroja- Diarto

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