This webinar discussed factors that could contribute to improve the human factor side of airway management.

Insights into the use of pre-interventions check list was given and the use of cognitive aids.

The discussion went into ways to overcome barriers impeding implementations of these tools.
After action in the clinical environment of airway management debriefing is one way of improvement. Step by step in a very structured way clinincal debriefing might be  addressed by the well elaborated T.A.L.K. proposal.

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Paula Chiesa, Tino Greif and Ana Isabel Pereira

Two exceled speakers discuss in this webinar the clinical implications of recent published large multicentre trials on airway management in children.

Several important conclusions need to be translated into daily clinical practice to improve the anaesthetic care of our small patients and by doing so, we increase patient safety. 

The recording and the provided articles provides deep insight in up-to-date airway management for small children.

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Tino Greif, Maren Kleine-Brueggeney and Ana Isabel Pereira

The June 2nd EAMS webinar dealt with airway management in the critically ill patients.

Prof. Vincenzo Russotto and Prof Sheila Myatra presented the results of the  "INternational observational study To Understand the impact and BEst practices of airway management in critically ill patients (INTUBE study)". 
It is a large multicentre study across five continents that highlights how frequent complications are while performing airway management procedures, identifies those complications.

Finally, the speakers, moderators and audience discuss possible measures to prevent and treat them.  

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Ana Isabel Pereira, Paula Chiesa and Massimiliano Sorbello

The EAMS Webinar entitled “HFNO and COVID-19 - where are we in spring 2021?” was held on the 6 of May 2021.

This webinar covered high flow nasal oxygen delivery during COVID-19 and the physics behind droplet and aerosol formation.

Prof. Patel discussed HFNO in the covid era and presented the evidence now available to understand the safety of its use.  He debated about the degree to which HFNO is aerosol generating and the associated risk of pathogen transmission.

Prof. Barnes explained the physics of aerosols and droplets: how they behave, are formed and spread from our organism to the environment. Finally, he provided a physicist conclusion about droplets and aerosols and COVID 19.

Corresponding literature  is also available for EAMS members on the  web page.

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Ana Isabel Pereira, Tino Greif and Paula Chiesa

The EAMS Webinar entitled “Difficult Airway: Improving our patient´s safety” was held on the 31 of March 2021.

Dr. Fiona Kelly from Bath in the UK described human factors and ergonomics and their components and key roles in airway management. “The Airway Spider” recently published was introduced and practical advice to incorporate these principles into our clinical work were given.

Dr. Iljaz Hodzovic form Cardiff in the UK showed a realistic and meticulous describing video on awake videolaryngoscope guided intubation. The preparation of the patient, the operating theatre and team was described in details too. Topicalization, proper positioning and the choice of device were discussed as mentioned in the recently published DAS guidelines on awake intubation.

This great learning experience by two outstanding engaging speakers is now available for EAMS members on the members space.

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Tino Greif and Paula Chiesa

Dear members,

We are happy to share with you our last webinar "Particularities of airway management in tracheostomized patients”.

The aim of this webinar is to increase our knowledge and confidence in taking care of tracheostomized patients. For this purpose, two experts discuss from the basic principles of tracheostomy to the specific needs and wishes of patients with a tracheostomy.

They finally clarify the treatment of emergencies in tracheostomized patients. 

The topic aroused great interest among the audience, who sent very interesting questions on percutaneous tracheostomy and anesthesia for these procedures that were explained in detail by the experts. 

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Ana Isabel Pereira, Tino Greif and Paula Chiesa

Dear fellow airway management enthusiasts,

Our 2nd EAMS webinar took place this week on November 10th and it was about “Ultrasound Application for Airway Management”. The speakers Dr. Stefano Falcetta (University Hospital of Ancona Umberto I G M Lancisi G Salesi, Ancona, Italy), Dr. Domagoj Damjanovic (University Heart Center Freiburg-Bad Krozingen, Dept. Of Cardiovascular Surgery, Freiburg, Germany) and Prof. Dr. Rakesh Garg (Department of Onco-Anaesthesiology and Palliative Medicine, Dr BRAIRCH, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India) discussed with the moderators Dr. Ana Isabel Pereira (Centro Hospitalar de Vila Nova de Gaia/Espinho, Portugal) and Professor Dr. Robert Greif (Bern University Hospital, Bern. Switzerland) about the powerful tool and broad use of ultrasound to evaluate and predict difficult airways, to assist airway related procedures (like FONA) and to access correct intubation and proper placement of supraglottic devices. 

For further information and access to the video data recording and articles provided by the speakers please log in using your membership credentials. If not, become a member!

Next webinar will take place in January 2021! More information soon!

Ana Isabel Pereira and Robert Greif

Dear airway management enthusiasts,

After the summer break, EAMS started again with webinars.

The first was last week on 24 September about the “Usefulness of aerosol boxes and barrier enclosures for airway Management to prevent infection during the COVID-19 pandemic”. The speakers Prof. Dr. William Rosenblatt (Yale Medicine Anesthesiology. New Haven. USA) and Prof. Dr. Felipe Urdaneta (University of Florida. Gainesville. USA) discussed with Professor Dr. Robert Greif, (Bern University Hospital, Bern. Switzerland) and Dr. Massimiliano Sorbello (Policlinico San Marco University Hospital, Catania, Italy) about the lack of evidence for the effectiveness of these barriers and the additional risk these methods might bring for the patient and the personnel in the OR during airway management. As no scientific evidence exist that these methods prevent infection they are by no measn a substitute for proper PPE.

The Discussion was based on a recent publication in the BJA entitled: “Aerosol boxes and barrier enclosures for airway management in COVID-19 patients: a scoping review and narrative synthesis. M Sorbello, W Rosenblatt, R Hofmeyr, R Greif, F Urdaneta."

For those who are interested in more details about the  webinar and the article please use your member log-in.

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Robert Greif



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