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After the summer break, EAMS started again with webinars.

The first was last week on 24 September about the “Usefulness of aerosol boxes and barrier enclosures for airway Management to prevent infection during the COVID-19 pandemic”. The speakers Prof. Dr. William Rosenblatt (Yale Medicine Anesthesiology. New Haven. USA) and Prof. Dr. Felipe Urdaneta (University of Florida. Gainesville. USA) discussed with Professor Dr. Robert Greif, (Bern University Hospital, Bern. Switzerland) and Dr. Massimiliano Sorbello (Policlinico San Marco University Hospital, Catania, Italy) about the lack of evidence for the effectiveness of these barriers and the additional risk these methods might bring for the patient and the personnel in the OR during airway management. As no scientific evidence exist that these methods prevent infection they are by no measn a substitute for proper PPE.

The Discussion was based on a recent publication in the BJA entitled: “Aerosol boxes and barrier enclosures for airway management in COVID-19 patients: a scoping review and narrative synthesis. M Sorbello, W Rosenblatt, R Hofmeyr, R Greif, F Urdaneta."

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