The first ever European Airway Management Photo Contest 2016

EAMS would be pleased to involve you in the launch of that competition and capture a moment of your airway management.  Enter our photo competition under the theme: "Safe airway management for everyone" by sending your photo in a reproducible format and e-mail to the EMAS secretary Tolga Saracoglu under: EAMS will accept only commonly socially acceptable photos with a health care and educational background. The submission deadline will be the 1st November 2016 at 24.00 and a maximum 3 entries per person will be accepted. The best photos will be exhibited at the EAMS web page and the upcoming 3rd EAC in Valencia, Spain. The 1st and 2nd prize is free registration to 3rd Airway Management Congress in Valencia, Spain and the winning photos will be published in one of the next issues of Trends in Anesthesia and Critical Care – EAMS section. To participate need to provide proof of:

  • being an active EAMS members (to become one  - please consult the EAMS web page (
  • being be based and affiliated to a health care facility and to have the legal copyright ownership of the photos that need to be transferred to the EAMS in case of publication.
  • signed photo consent for publication form recognizable people or patients submitted for the contest.

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