March 2020

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Dear friends,

With sadness in my heart I announce the death of our colleague Elena Dolbneva from Russia. She left us recently after a sudden serious illness.

In February, our teacher, academician Armen Bunyatyan, passed away. Armen and Elena were the first Russians to meet Archie Brain, John Henders, Peter Biro, Arndt Timmermann and others, and introduced Russia to EAMS. She considered Dusanka Janjevic, Flavia Petrini, Elena O’Sullivan, Sheila Miatra and others to be her friends. Many members of the EAMC felt her openness and desire to cooperate. She managed to convey hello and regret to everyone that she had not made from many plans and would not see everyone again.

The Russian group in EAMS has lost a scientist, ideological leader, and friend. But we continue the scientific designs of our teachers and friends in one person.

Vitaly Stamov



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